d. p. watt. standing under a bower of trees in the sunlight

Welcome Travelling Players

The Interlude House offers, for your delectation and delight, short vignettes from the life of D.P. Watt, a writer living between Scotland and England in an otherworldly, misty borderland. Riffle through the Green Room, find out what Mr Punch has been up to, or perhaps send a Carrier Pigeon D.P. Watt’s way… Here are a couple of tales to try… more »


‘Vertep’ Reading

Lovely reading of my story, ‘Vertep’, over at Pseudopod, by Elie Hirschman. It was first published in Des Lewis’ anthology ‘The First Book of Classical Horror Stories’. Have a listen if you like jack-in-the-boxes and Stravinsky, if you don’t like jack-in-the-boxes and Stravinsky there must be something wrong with you…


Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters

Well, after a year of work on it, and in a time of terror and ruin, here is my collection of ‘essays and other exaggerations’, Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters, including an introduction by Adam Cantwell, and cover by Andrzej Wełmiński, published by Mount Abraxas Press. It is looking wonderful – thanks to Geticus Polus and the printing house for more »



A new story, ‘Craft’, about a handcrafted book, appearing with Zagava Press, printed, appropriately enough, as a handcrafted book!


Weird Fiction Review 10

Weird Fiction Review 10, edited by John Pelan, is out now, available from Centipede Press… featuring my Grand Guignol story, ‘Harry’s Pin’… a blood-soaked tale of terror and innocence…


Uncertainties 4

Uncertainties 4 is out now, from Swan River Press, and edited by Timothy J. Jarvis. It includes my story, ‘Primal’…  



Martin Ruf has interviewed me over at Zagava Press…


The Far Tower

The Far Tower: Stories for W.B. Yeats, edited by Mark Valentine, has been published by Swan River Press. It includes my story ‘Daemon Est Deus Inversus’… Stories of magic and myth, folklore and fairy traditions, the occult and the outré, inspired by the rich mystical world of Ireland’s greatest poet, W. B. Yeats. We invited ten contemporary writers to celebrate more »


Petals and Violins

Delighted to announce my collection with Tartarus Press: Petals and Violins Fifteen Unsettling Tales D.P. Watt Introduction  by Peter Holman, Afterword by Helen Marshall Cardboard and twine; rose petals and violins. Blood and betrayal; hope and empires. Sun and candlelight; oil on water and the magic of sweat. D.P. Watt’s unsettling tales draw back the curtain on other realities, hidden more »


Death and Folly

Pleased to have a story in this collection from Egaeus Press: This is a book on the subject of Death and Folly (but aren’t they all really?): An entertainment including works from some of the finest authors of the weird and morbid working today: A collection of admirable knick-knacks and curios, fictions, non-fictions, poems, for your amusement. The full table more »


Terroir is published…

My mini-novel, Terroir, is now published, by Mount Abraxas Press… Terroir by D.P. Watt ‘…they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.’ Song of Solomon 1:6 On the gentle banks of the Gironde the vendange engages the entire community. They labour furiously to serve an ancient English family, the Cunninghams, whose magnificent more »