d. p. watt. standing under a bower of trees in the sunlight

Welcome Travelling Players

The Interlude House offers, for your delectation and delight, short vignettes from the life of D.P. Watt, a writer living between Scotland and England in an otherworldly, misty borderland. Rifle through the Green Room, find out what Mr Punch has been up to, or perhaps send a Carrier Pigeon D.P. Watt’s way… Here are a couple of tales to try… more »

Agence de presse Meurisse [Public domain]

Weird Fiction Review 10

Delighted to announce that my story, ‘Harry’s Pin’ will be published in Weird Fiction Review 10, edited by John Pelan, from Centipede Press. The story is set in the shady world of the British Grand Guignol…



Vastarien, Vol. 2, Issue 2, will be appearing in Summer 2019, including a story of mine… TABLE OF CONTENTS: Clematis, White and Purple DP Watt like crickets Robin Gow not other’s tongues Robin Gow types of knife blades: Robin Gow The Stringer of Wiltsburg Farm Eden Royce The Pelt Christi Nogle Silences Lucy A. Snyder Visions of the Gothic Body more »


Crystal Castles

Coming soon, my story, ‘Your Bodies, Where We Dwell’ in… Raphus Press proudly presents Crystal Castles (Invitations to the Voyage), a collection of short stories, a play and some poems regarding an ancient and very peculiar literary genre – the artificial paradises created by synthetical (or natural) substances.”Les Paradis artificiels” – since the Lotus-eaters, mentioned by Homer in his Odyssey, more »


Hieroglyphics Introduction

I was delighted to be invited to offer an introduction to… HIEROGLYPHICS A Note Upon Ecstasy in Literature by Arthur Machen With ‘A Note on Poetry’ Introduction by D.P. Watt Afterword by Nicholas Freeman  in a wonderful new edition from Tartarus Press In his Note to Hieroglyphics, the author relates how it was his privilege, many years ago, to make more »


An Invite to Eternity

I am pleased to announce that my story, ‘We are the Clay’, will appear in this anthology in Autumn 2019, with Calque Press. The cover has been designed by Vince Haig, who has also created our logo: an iceberg is an iconic image of the fight against climate change; it also represents the small percentage of visible voices available in more »


Shirley Jackson Award Nomination

Delighted to announce this nomination for a Shirley Jackson Award for my ‘novelette’, ‘Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes’ published by the ever wonderful Undertow Publications: In recognition of the legacy of Shirley Jackson’s writing, and with permission of the author’s estate, The Shirley Jackson Awards, Inc. has been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, more »


Ligotti Essay

I have an essay, ‘The Impossible Literature of Thomas Ligotti, Puppeteer and Eschatologist’ in the second volume of Thinking Horror Journal… Sleep well!


The Book of Flowering

THE BOOK OF FLOWERING is now available to order. A remarkable collection of eighteen new and previously unpublished dark, weird fictions, exploring, in their various ways, the the concepts of fatal beauty and impermanence. Edited by Mark Beech, the full contents are as follows… Mark Valentine – The Pale Sentinels Of Asphodel Tiffani Angus – What Cannot Be Described Sheryl more »


Thinking Horror 2

My essay ‘The Impossible Literature of Thomas Ligotti, Puppeteer and Eschatologist’ should be appearing soon in Thinking Horror, Volume 2


The Book of Flowering

THE BOOK OF FLOWERING will see publication in the second half of January by Egaeus Press: Featuring new tales of strangeness, beauty and impermanence by Mark Valentine, V. H. Leslie, Charles Schneider, Thomas Strømsholt, Timothy J. Jarvis, Mat Joiner, Ron Weighell, Tiffani Angus, John Gale, Reggie Oliver, Sheryl Humphrey, D. P. Watt, Colin Insole, Alison Littlewood, Damian Murphy, Jonathan Wood, more »