d. p. watt. standing under a bower of trees in the sunlight

Welcome Travelling Players

The Interlude House offers, for your delectation and delight, short vignettes from the life of D.P. Watt, a writer living between Scotland and England in an otherworldly, misty borderland. Riffle through the Green Room, find out what Mr Punch has been up to, or perhaps send a Carrier Pigeon D.P. Watt’s way… Here are a couple of tales to try… more »


Lost Eden Launch

Launch of Lost Eden: a collaborative ‘quartet of quartets’ The book consists of a ‘quartet of quartets’ on the theme of the formal garden as metaphor for human civilisation. Each quartet is written by a different writer, who explores the same theme in their own way. By adopting a four-part structure authored by four different writers, the book echoes the more »


Petals and Violins Paperback

D.P. Watt’s highly-regarded collecting of unsettling tales, Petals and Violins, is now available as a paperback direct from Tartarus Press, or through Amazon…  

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Jonas Ploeger of Zagava Press writes of this book: Edited by Mark Valentine and myself, with new stories by Reggie Oliver, Mark Samuels, Rosalie Parker, Rebecca Lloyd, John Howard, Jane Jakeman, Ron Weighell, D.P. Watt, R.B. Russell, Jonathan Wood, Caroline Tyrrell, Colin Insole, Mark Valentine and lyrics by David Tibet. Leslie Allin Lewis (1899-1961) wrote only one book, Tales of more »

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Fabulous Aesop

Jonas Ploeger from Zagava writes of this book: ‘We have all read Aesop’s fables many, many years ago, but did you do so recently? My friend, the incomparable Baby Dee did and found especially their morals to be just a bit on the “dusty” side. What if these universally loved fables would have been written today, what would their moral more »



‘Ophelia’, a story from my 2019 collection, Petals and Violins (Tartarus Press), has been translated by Martin Ruf for the excellent White Train series of chapbooks. This edition also includes an interview Martin conducted with me.     An audio version of the story is available here.

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Fabulous Aesop

Fabulous Aesop coming soon from Baby Dee and Friends, including Joseph Dawson, Rosalie Parker, Raymond Russell, Florence Sunnen, David Tibet, amongst many other fine contributors (and something from me too!). Brought to you, as ever, by the wonderful Jonas Plöger at Zagava.


Best New Horror 31

Best New Horror 31, ed. Stephen Jones, PS Publishing, contains my story ‘A Species of the Dead’. It is available in paperback and limited edition hardcover (signed by the authors), with slipcase.


Singing and Sighing

I am proud to be able to announce the first in a series of four volumes of my collected stories, ‘Singing and Sighing’, coming later this year from Zagava Press. The book contains a total of 20 tales, some of which are exceedingly rare, 3 new stories exclusive to this volume and a brilliant introduction by Douglas Thompson. We are more »


Thirteen Works of Witchcraft

My story ‘Thirteen Works of Witchcraft’ has been published by Mount Abraxas Press as a pamphlet in their Fosforos Series.


our billions accrete

My story ‘our billions accrete’ appears in A VIGIL OF BLACK STARS, a homage to Paysage d’Hiver Mount Abraxas Press Our Billions Accrete by D.P. Watt Mountain Silence by Antonio Espinosa The Paths of the Dead by Benjamin Tweddell Untitled by The Specter Thuringian Winter Folklore by Martin van Valkenstjin The Fortress by Josh Kim In Geometry Ordained by Elijah more »