eEgaeus Press

The foundations for Egaeus Press were laid in the cold English summer of 2011 in the dreamclutter of a childish melancholia – a nursery room agoraphobia compelling us to recall the anguished ticks of broken clockwork, the smell of curdled milk, the image of a songbird’s funeral on the tobacco-dry pages of an antique scrapbook … We are moved by the concept of the world as a haunted house, and by the paradox of all life’s darkest fears and most ecstatic wonders being essentially one and the same.

Eibonvale Press 

Eibonvale Press is a small press run by a writer, artist and reader who loves books – It’s as simple as that. It aims to produce beautiful and lovingly-designed editions of excellent writing in modern horror, magic realism and the surreal.

Ex Occidente Press 

Ex Occidente Press is an independent publishing house from that doubtful place that was once called “la Porte de l’Orient” by travellers, seers and esoterists, generals and freemasons, poets and spies, prostitutes and rakes, salon artists and theologians, but which is known nowadays under the name of Bucharest. Ex Occidente Press specialises in rara et nova fiction of the supernatural, the odd and the weird, the strange and the decadent, the fantastic and the obscure, the very holy and the luxuriously heretical.

Gray Friar Press

Gray Friar Press is based in Dracula’s Whitby, literally around the corner from where Bram Stoker was staying when he was thinking about that character’s dramatic arrival on the town’s coastline. There must be something in the water…

Hieroglyphic Press

We are a small imprint primarily dedicated to publishing works of an eclectic and rarefied nature: to use a quote from elsewhere we wish for spiritual art – Decadence, Esoterica and Symbolism.

Megazanthus Press 

The publishing arm of D.F. Lewis!

Salt Publishing

Salt now publishes around thirty new books per year. Over 80% of our revenue is made from our fiction list, the rest is divided between our poetry publishing and our non-fiction titles. Just over a quarter of our total income is now derived from our anthology publishing, centred on The Best British Short Stories and The Best British Poetry. Salt is expanding this series of Best Ofs to include The Best British Fantasy in 2013. This new list has already brought Salt international attention and has led to the company working with some of the most important British authors writing today. We are expanding this publishing with further important anthologies each season.

Sein und Werden 

A literary magazine of experimental prose, poetry and artwork that seeks to merge and modernise the ideas behind Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism.

Side Real Press 

Side Real Press was founded in 2003 as an imprint specialising in supernatural and weird literature past and present. Each volume is published as a numbered, limited edition hardback of approximately 300 copies.

Undertow Publications

Shadows & Tall Trees is the flagship publication of Undertow Publications (UP), an imprint of ChiZine Publications. In 2010 and 2013 the journal was a finalist for the British Fantasy Award for Best Periodical/Magazine. In 2009, to much acclaim, we published Apparitions, an anthology of ghost stories. Apparitions was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.

Zagava Books

Zagava aims to publish and distribute books produced to the highest standards, both as far as the contents and the production values are concerned. Zagava cooperates with Ex Occidente Press, possibly the most daring press in a field which transcends the boundaries of weird, supernatural, decadent, mystical fiction.