Conflagration begins to smoulder…

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce the existence of Conflagration…



Author: D.P. Watt

Published in the Mount Abraxas series by Ex Occidente Press, Bucharest

Book size: 24,5 cm x 24,5 cm

Wrap-up Illustration Cover by Misanthropic Art

Limited to: 83 hand-numbered copies (plus author’s copies)

As of 25th April only 3 copies remain available from the publisher at 90 Euros each,

available directly from Ex Occidente Press at exoccidente@gmail.com

other copies may be available from retailers such as Fantastic Literature


  1. Harold Billings says:

    Hey, guy, glad to see this out, BUT I am not hearing anything from Ex Occidente re its publication and distribution to those of us who paid for a copy a long time ago. It appears that Fantastic Literature may have had copies but they are all gone.

    Know anything?

    • D. P. Watt says:

      Dear Harold,

      Another batch went out last week. I have only just received the second lot of my author copies. I’d give it another week and then contact Dan.

      Best wishes


  2. Michael Craft says:

    If it helps – Dan wrote me about 9 days ago that the pre-ordered American copies were going out a week later than the European mailing. I’m in upstate NY and received my copy today (5/16). Yaay!


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