Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters

Books have no master. The same with artefacts and nightmares.

Dan Watt is on a divine and holy mission this year. Not only are we preparing the TEARS FOR EUROPA boxset (a collection of stories) but there is another book on the horizon too.

Essays and Other Exaggerations

A gargantuan collection of brilliant, bemusing and dazzling essays, illustrated by the exceptional Andrzej Welminski, actor, director, philosopher, artist, theoretician &c.

At over 600 pages, INNER ROOMS AND SECRET QUARTERS is Mount Abraxas’s largest book to date.

Only a few of the pieces you will find inside the book:

I. A waxen resurrection of the bio-object: The necromantic visions of Bruno Schulz and Tadeusz Kantor
II. Edmond Jab├Ęs: Double Exile and the Uncanny Fragment
III. Acting Dead and Other Maniacal Stories: The Abject Work of Cricot
IV. Becoming Headless, or My body doing its best without me: performance against Thought
V. I am become as sounding brass: The language of angels and the tongues of men
VI. Bibliophobia.
VII. The Impossible Literature of Thomas Ligotti, Puppeteer and Eschatologist

“Attention! The Comet is Coming!”

The illustration (by Andrzej Welminski ) attached shows the wrap-up art for the dust-jacket. The lettering is not final, just a mock-up.

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