The Book of Flowering

THE BOOK OF FLOWERING is now available to order.

A remarkable collection of eighteen new and previously unpublished dark, weird fictions, exploring, in their various ways, the the concepts of fatal beauty and impermanence.

Edited by Mark Beech, the full contents are as follows…

Mark Valentine – The Pale Sentinels Of Asphodel
Tiffani Angus – What Cannot Be Described
Sheryl Humphrey – Flora’s Lexicon
Timothy J. Jarvis – With Scourges, With Flowering Sprigs
Ron Weighell – Fugues of The Blue Lilly
John Gale – A Garden of Sorrow and Sorcery
Reggie Oliver – Lady With A Rose
D. P. Watt – But They Withered All
Colin Insole – Gallybag
Alison Littlewood – Down In The Dendrons
Damian Murphy – Flower Dream Sermon
Rebecca Kuder – The Only Flower That Mattered
Mat Joiner - Belbyne’s Lane
N. A. Jackson – A Phantom Flowering
V. H. Leslie - Marginal Species
Jonathan Wood – The Absence
Charles Schneider – The Floral Seasons of Life
Thomas Strømsholt – The Book of Flowering
Decadent, wondrous, often disquieting, this 280 page, lithographically printed sewn hardback is limited to just 350 copies, featuring colour endpapers by Toru Kamei.

It can be ordered now for £36.00, inclusive of postage worldwide. See Egaeus Pressfor more details.


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