Adam Nevill’s Baker’s Dozen

Adam Nevill has selected a baker’s dozen of contemporary horror writers and their short stories that he has enjoyed. I’m delighted to report that he selected ‘Shallabalah’ as an ‘imaginative investigation into the grotesque and fascinating folklore of the British Isles’. Read all about it here…


Stunning Review of AIAD…

Acep Hale reviews almost insentient, almost divine over at Lovecraft Ezine… He likes it!


The Temple Beckons…

The Whore is this Temple is now available from Ex Occidente Press


The Whore is this Temple

Announcing the arrival soon of… The Whore is this Temple Ex Occidente Press “Pity me! Succour me! Let us go to the temple!” Gustave Flaubert, Salammbo Contents   John Howard Another Sea Alcebiades Diniz Miguel Tidal Wave of Virginal Blood Thomas Strømsholt The Waning of the Light Avalon Brantley Corpus: A Mandala of Anathomy and Metaphysiology Leopold Nacht The Savants more »


Book of Shadows 3

THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF SHADOWS VOLUME 3   The first two “Book(s) of Shadows”, published in 2012 and 2014, were resounding successes and SOLD OUT very quickly. So, to round off the series, Sarob Press is now pleased to present a fabulous line up of a further twelve stories (sequels to the classic ghost stories of Montague Rhodes James) for more »


Shirley Jackson Awards…

Great News! Aickman’s Heirs from Undertow bags two Shirley Jackson Awards… Best Anthology for Simon Strantzas and Best Short Story for Lynda E. Rucker. Congratulations to them both and to all of the other contributors to the book!


DF Lewis Reviews…

D.F. Lewis has finished his reviews of Conflagration and Almost Insentient, Almost Divine describing the former as ‘a wonderful experience’ and the latter as ‘remarkable’. What is more remarkable and wonderful is Des’ commitment to ‘real time reviewing’, a practice all of his own that is a joy to read whatever may be in review. Des has championed the small more »


AIAD copies have arrived!

Copies of Almost Insentient, Almost Divine from Undertow Publications have arrived. They look wonderful. Many thanks to Mike Kelly, Vince Haig and Tran Nguyen for making such a beautiful book.


Wormwood Essay…

I have a little essay in Wormwood 26, for those who may be interested…   An introduction over at Wormwoodiana: ‘In our opening essay in Wormwood 26, just published, acclaimed weird fiction writer Daniel Watt discusses a different dimension in fantastic literature than that most often seen, for example, in the work of H.P. Lovecraft or Thomas Ligotti. In their more »


Conflagration begins to smoulder…

Dear all, I am delighted to announce the existence of Conflagration… Title: CONFLAGRATION Author: D.P. Watt Published in the Mount Abraxas series by Ex Occidente Press, Bucharest Book size: 24,5 cm x 24,5 cm Wrap-up Illustration Cover by Misanthropic Art Limited to: 83 hand-numbered copies (plus author’s copies) As of 25th April only 3 copies remain available from the publisher at 90 more »