Work Begins!

Work begins on the mammoth project that is ‘Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters’. This is just a first version mock-up for proofing purposes… and these are the contents.


The Silent Garden

The Silent Garden Journal is available for order here… it contains my story ‘Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes’ amongst many and varied marvellous things!


Tears for Europa Published!

Tears for Europa by D.P. Watt With Artwork by Alessandro Sicioldr Bianchi Slipcase design and blind stamp by Bethany White There are two versions, both silkscreen printed. A version on fine textured blue paper and a version on fine red cloth. Order at exoccidente@gmail.com


Tears for Europa

TEARS FOR EUROPA by D.P. Watt With Paintings by the astonishing Alessandro Bianchi​ … Published by Mount Abraxas Press * The flames of burning maps are fed by the whispers of a thousand lies. The arrival of the new rulers—long prophesied—is heralded by the fall of spring leaves and the shuddering of mountains. Hearts smoulder with ancient hatreds that centuries more »


The Silent Garden

Volume 1 of The Silent Garden: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism is announced, featuring my story ‘Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes’: The Silent Garden: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism Deluxe square (8.5” x 8.5”) hardback, with interior colour illustrations, printed on 70lb. paper. The inaugural volume features the following: ART Transcending the Grotesquerie: The Surreal Landscapes of David Whitlam more »


Drowning in Beauty

I am pleased to announce the publication of Drowning in Beauty: The Neo-Decadent Anthology from Snuggly Books. It includes my story ‘Jack’. Enjoy!


Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters

Books have no master. The same with artefacts and nightmares. Dan Watt is on a divine and holy mission this year. Not only are we preparing the TEARS FOR EUROPA boxset (a collection of stories) but there is another book on the horizon too. INNER ROOMS AND SECRET QUARTERS… Essays and Other Exaggerations A gargantuan collection of brilliant, bemusing and more »


Tears for Europa

TEARS FOR EUROPA by D.P. Watt A Boxset Published by Mount Abraxas Press. A Major collection of stories released as a boxset. Contains various books and booklets of different shapes and formats.… Fully illustrated. Coming very soon. Promotional flyer by the amazing Bethany White.



It exists;     it collapses into nothingness!


Wounds of Wounds

My story ‘Pay No Worship to the Garish Sun’ will appear in Wound of Wounds: An Oration for Emil Cioran, eds Damian Murphy and N., Mount Abraxas Press, later in 2017. For order enquiries please email exoccidente@gmail.com