Tears for Europa

TEARS FOR EUROPA by D.P. Watt A Boxset Published by Mount Abraxas Press. A Major collection of stories released as a boxset. Contains various books and booklets of different shapes and formats.… Fully illustrated. Coming very soon. Promotional flyer by the amazing Bethany White.



It exists;     it collapses into nothingness!


Wounds of Wounds

My story ‘Pay No Worship to the Garish Sun’ will appear in Wound of Wounds: An Oration for Emil Cioran, eds Damian Murphy and N., Mount Abraxas Press, later in 2017. For order enquiries please email exoccidente@gmail.com  


The Scarlet Soul

THE SCARLET SOUL Stories for Dorian Gray edited by Mark Valentine Swan River Press Printings: December 2017 (300) Cover image by John Coulthart Style: Dust jacketed hardback Length: xii + 208 pages ISBN: 978-1-78380-019-3 Available for pre-order. Numbered edition of 100 also available while supplies last. “Yet it was watching him, with its beautiful marred face and its cruel smile.” more »


Darkly Haunting

NEW TITLE NEWS DARKLY HAUNTING Sarob Press is delighted to present a spooky quintet of all new and very different haunting tales by James Doig, Colin Insole, Rhys Hughes, Peter Holman and D.P. Watt. Ghost stories, black magic, delightful chills and strange happenings … Darkly Haunting is for those who like a pleasant, or perhaps rather unpleasant, shiver with their more »


Embracing the Flame of Fire…

All is Full of Hell is printed! Order Enquiries: exoccidente@gmail.com  


A couple of Reviews…

There are a couple of positive reports of my tale ‘Four Windows and a Door’ for Terror Tales of Cornwall, ed. Paul Finch, Telos, from Joe X Young at Ginger Nuts of Horror and D.F. Lewis at his Real-time Reviews


Shirley Jackson Award Nomination

‘Almost Insentient, Almost Divine’ has been nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award for ‘Single-Author Collection’…


All is Full of Hell

Coming soon… ALL IS FULL OF HELL A Panegyric for William Blake   Illustrated by Denis Forkas Kostromitin   Trefoil is the Grail of Perdition by Sebastian Montesi​​ ​ ​ ​ The Kings of Cobweb and Dandelion by Colin Insole​ Feast of Fire by Alcebiades Diniz Migue ​l​ ​ ​ Ghost of a Flea by Rhys Hugh ​​ es​ ​Shadow of Horror risen in more »


Terror Tales of Cornwall

Coming soon… Terror Tales of Cornwall – Telos Publishing £12.99 Edited by Paul Finch Cornwall, England’s most scenic county: windswept moors, rugged cliffs and wild, foaming seas. But smugglers and wreckers once haunted its hidden coves, mermaid myths abound, pixie lore lingers, henges signal a pagan past, and fanged beasts stalk the ancient, overgrown lanes … An anthology of horror more »